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• Measures 4 to 20 mA instrumentation and process signals without breaking the loop
• Memory function stores up to 192000 data useful for monitoring the signals over time and fault finding
• Transfer data to PC via Bluetooth
• Top class measurement 0.2% accuracy
• ∅6mm clamp jaw easy to use in tight places
• LED light for illuminating the measurement spot
• Analog output terminal to allow the connection to a recorder or a digital multimeter

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[button link=”” target=”_blank” color=”default” shape=”rounded” size=”small” align=”left”]DC Milliamp Clamp Meter KEW 2500[/button]

• 0.01mA resolution for DC current
• Top class measurement 0.2% accuracy
• Ø6mm clamp jaw easy to use in tight places
• Measurement from 0.01mA to 120.0mA
• Dual display with backlight shows both mA measurement and percent of 4-20 mA span
• Spotlight for illuminating measurement point
• Analog output terminal for recorder connection

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• Capable of measuring AC and DC currents up to 60A with OPEN CLAMP SENSOR.
• 3400 counts with bargraph display.
• Pocket size and heavy duty design.

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• Capable of measuring AC and DC currents up to 100A with OPEN CLAMP SENSOR.
• 3400 counts with bar graph display.
• Pocket size and heavy-duty design.

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• Innovative Multimeters with current measurements up to 120A AC/DC
• Unique Open Jaw technology for AC/DC current measurements
• Very compact and as reliable as a traditional full-size multimeter

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Giá gốc là: 6,020,000₫.Giá hiện tại là: 5,734,000₫. Thêm vào giỏ hàng

Hộp mềm
Giải đo
+ Điện trở : 0~20Ω/0~200Ω/0~2000Ω
+ Điện áp đất  [50,60Hz]: 0~200V AC
Độ chính xác
+ Điện trở: ±2%rdg±0.1Ω (20Ωrange)
±2%rdg±3dgt (200Ω/2000Ωrange)
+ Điện áp đất : : ±1%rdg±4dgt
Nguồn :     R6P (AA) (1.5V) × 6
Kích thước : 105(L) × 158(W) × 70(D)mm
Khối lượng : 550g approx.
Phụ kiện:
+ 7095A (Earth resistance test leads) × 1set
(red-20m, yellow-10m, green-5m)
+ 8032 (Auxiliary earth spikes) × 1set
+ 7127A (Simplified measurement probe) × 1set
+ R6P (AA) × 6
+ Instruction Manual

• Dust and drip proof.(designed to IEC 529 IP54)
• In addition to the facility for precision measurement, test leads for simplified two wire easuring system also supplied as standard accessories.
(unit can be hung from the neck for simplified measurement)
• Designed to meet IEC 61010-1 safety standard.
• Capable of measuring earth voltage.
• Automatic warning when resistance of auxiliary earth spikes is in excess of tolerance.
• Small and lightweight. Shock resistant new case material.
• 2mA measuring current permits earth resistance tests without tripping earth leakage current breakers in the circuit under test.

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Giá gốc là: 6,384,000₫.Giá hiện tại là: 6,334,000₫. Thêm vào giỏ hàng

• CAT IV Clamp Meter can measure the Voltage and Current in both very low and high power circuits.
• Accurate True-RMS reading of AC current or voltage with distorted waveform.
• Can measure AC and DC currents up to 2000A.
• Output terminal for connection to recorders.

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