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Three times faster than manual bagging
Fully adjustable guides and bag openers
Hygienic stainless steel construction
Extremely simple operation and maintenance
Adjustable angles of operating platform: 30°,45°,60°
Option Available: Motorised conveyor, ready to accept any Bag Closure machine to form a complete semi-automatic Bagging Package

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Bags can be filled much faster if the bag is ready, open and waiting for products to be shoved in.
The BL18 helps by feeding taped bags (held in position on two narrow adhesive tapes) and
opening them with a jet of air.

Main Feathers
· Bags are automatically advanced and placed in front of the air jet.
· Up to three times faster than manual bagging
· A skilled operator can pack 600-900 bags per hour
· Hygienic design made of stainless steel easy cleaning
· Extremely simple operation due to automatic inflation of the bag
· Suitable for polyethylene, vacuum and shrink bags, taped pouch
· Low air consumption, simple maintenance
· All stainless steel mold to get the perfect brick shape, Separate air supply-air blow and control air hoses.

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Product description
The manual pneumatic single clipper made of stainless steel, use U shape clip,
drove by air to clip and cut. With unique features: easy operation, reliable and
tight sealing, adjustable sealing tightness, optional cutting casing off.

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The MULTEPAK BL-15A tabletop poultry bag loader(bagger) is ideal for efficient packaging of chickens,ducks,geese and poutry parts in premade wicketed wicket polyethylene bags.
Function and operation
1.pneumatically operated and designed for efficient packaging of poultry
2.The leading bag is inflated by a stream of air, and the horns move into the bag to keep it open.
3.As the filling action detaches the bag, the next bag is automatically moved forward and opened.
4.Particular emphasis was placed on strict observance of hygiene requirements and on maximum flexibility for efficient packaging of a wide variety of product sizes.

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Based on our decades-long experience in the poultry processing industry, we have developed our own semi-automatic whole bird bagger. A simple, but very efficient and practical machine to bag your birds.
•The bird bagger is a single, pneumatically-driven machine to bag birds;
•it can be expanded to a complete packing section, as multiple bagging machines can be installed on a sturdy stainless steel frame;
•each frame can be tailored to your specific needs for spacing, number of machines and dimensions;
•each bagging machine can be adjusted to various poultry sizes, different spoon sizes are available;
•the baggers are light-weight, can be folded in to create space or slided sideways for optimal positioning in front of various drop-off stations and are easy to clean;
•also included are a tape unit to seal bags quick and easy, as well as a frame for waste disposal;
•bags are automatically opened by an air blower, while a funnel keeps the bags open, allowing for a smooth operation;
•economical: uses just 10 (nominal) liters of air per bird. Other bagging machines require more air and thus a larger compressor;
•which will enable a skilled operator to bag up to 500-800 birds per hour with a single machine!

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