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Walz Scale provides a large choice of industrial bench scales suitable for your particular needs and environment. With available capacities from 1 – 600 lbs and our bench scales’ rugged construction, Walz Scale can supply you with a bench scale system that meets your application. All Walz bench scale products offer maximum operator convenience with outstanding displays and innovative weighing functions for high efficiency in daily work as well as ingress protection up to IP69k for heavy wash down applications.

Heavy-duty construction
Optionally available with stainless steel construction
Simple operation
Features overload protection to provide an efficient, durable and long-lasting industrial weighing system for your all of your shipping or in-house weighing needs.

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Walz Scale’s conveyor belt scale systems are custom-integrated to suit your unique application. From logistics and warehousing, to mining and industrial applications, Walz Scale provides conveyor belt scale systems for a wide range of needs. We offer products for both in-motion conveyor belt weighing as well as optical belt scales for calculating volume of material on your conveyor belt.

System is ideal for stationary and mobile applications
Compact, sleek design
Systems for weight or volume measurement
Capable of delivering precise results in tough conditions
Simple user-friendly interface
Easily installed in the field
Multiple scale units can be controlled by one interface controller
Can-bus communications
Multiple communication protocols
Belt scales are completely field serviceable
Built-in support for scale ticket printers
Robust, durable belt scale construction
Optical belt scale for volumetric calculations

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Our material handler scales are the ideal solution for material handling and weighing needs. Our material handling scales work with both grapple and magnet attachments, and are robustly constructed for precise weighing in even the toughest conditions. These handler scales are completely field-serviceable, compact in design, and provide a simple, efficient user interface. Our weigh-in-motion material handling scale solutions are also able to be installed in the field for easy mobile applications.

The Walz Scale excavator scale for all freely-swinging load supports can easily be retrofitted to all manufacturer types. This enables fast and accurate loading of transport vehicles such as trucks, railway wagons or ships, directly in the work process, accelerating the logistical process. The scales of the Pfreundt WK60 series provide the latest technology with their touch displays. They are very robust and ideally suited for demanding use in the field. The operation of this mobile scale is very simple, comparable to the user interface of a smartphone or tablet. As soon as the device is switched on, the various functions can be intuitively recognized and operated using the corresponding symbols.

Walz Scale has developed a corresponding software solution for managing weighing data regardless of the type of construction machine and vehicle in use, all data such as weight, material, date, location etc. are available in real time and at a glance. The connection to software for further processing of the data is just as flexible and simple.

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The LT-200 is an advanced hydraulic lift truck or forklift scale system that provides TRUE “Weigh-In-Motion” technology, which means your vehicles do not need to stop to capture their weight. All you need to do is just lift and the system will automatically capture and display the weight.

Walz is proud to offer a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty on parts and equipment and FREE shipping to anywhere in the United States for all online orders.

Real world typical accuracy of 98% (when lifting more than 10% of the truck’s capacity)
100,000 Lb+ lifting capacity
Weigh in either pounds or kilograms (lbs or kg)
Configurable graduations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 lb/kg increments
Easy-to-use operation, with automated No-Touch weight capture
Water-resistant, corrosion proof and shock resistant housing, IP65
Industry best display for easy operation and a safe, clear view of the load data
5000 PSI sensor (IP67)
Weight totalization feature
Tare functionality
Truck toggle feature, providing the ability to track weight loads on multiple trucks simultaneously
Display modes for current load or total truck weight
Full range push button zero
Simple installation: Approximately 1-2 hours
Powered by the machine battery 7-24 VDC
For machines with 36 VDC or 48 VDC power supply, we recommend a step down converter
Calibration test weights should be greater or equal to 10% of the scale/machine capacity
Walz 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Not Legal for Trade
Machine specific fittings kit
3″ hydraulic hose
12VDC ticket printer

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Accurate weighing solutions play a key role in all waste management, refuse hauling, and recycling industries. Tracking the total weight of refuse collected, monitoring inputs and outputs during materials recovery, and disposing of waste, are all important for legislative compliance and overall operational efficiency. Because of this, an accurate, durable waste management scale and weighing solution is absolutely necessary.

Our refuse truck scale works with most refuse trucks and provides simple operation for users. The Walz Scale RT-100 garbage truck scale provides precise results in even the toughest conditions, and is also capable of being installed in the field. Let Walz handle your refuse or garbage truck scale needs with this dependable weight system!

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Walz has developed new volumetric scanning technology for material measurement on conveyor belt systems. This optical belt scale technology allows operations to accurately measure material flow on belts of various sizes. This new technology is a direct replacement for the traditional belt scales that typically require regular maintenance and calibrations.

Our volumetric belt scale precisely measures and reports on bulk flow to give producers unmatched control of their production. No more belt-scale maintenance issues! No more belt scale calibration issues! With the Walz volumetric belt scanner, you can just do your normal business without worrying about those old problems.

Real-time volume measurement capability
Eye-safe laser technology
Adjustable mounting bracket for various belt sizes
iOS and Android app interface
Simple user-friendly operator interface
Localized and cloud based control
Built-in reporting
Cloud-based scheduling
Accurate volume measurement of ~99%
Built-in volume-to-weight conversion factors
Real-time production & stockpile reporting
Belt position monitoring
Belt speed monitoring
No calibration requirements!
Virtually zero maintenance requirements

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Our Volumetric Load Scanner technology provides real-time dynamic load volumes for trucks in-motion. Ideal for a multitude of industries, our Volumetric Load Scanner provides automatic volume calculations for loaded trucks, spanning industry applications from resource aggregates and mining companies, to road construction and waste management. The Walz Scale Volumetric Load Scanner delivers world-class load scan technology for a wide range of applications.

Trucks are first scanned by the Volumetric Load Scanner in the load-scanning process while they are empty. These empty load scans are saved in the system. After being loaded, the Volumetric Load Scanner system will scan and calculate the actual carried volume of material. The load scan system achieves this by comparing the loaded scans to the stored empty scans in the system. This highly advanced load scanner system is comprised of 3D laser scanners, a laptop or PC, and mounting hardware. This Volumetric Load Scanner technology has been developed by Walz to provide an affordable solution to customers demanding minimum setup costs and reduced maintenance costs.

The Volumetric Load Scanner system is monitored using our very own Payload Pro Operating System. This user-friendly software platform delivers real-time data and reporting features to operators and managers. As one of the most advanced and cutting-edge load management software platforms, Payload Pro provides users with the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage their truck loads.

Volumetric Load Scanner Systems
In-Motion Load Scanning Capability
High Definition Load Images
Low-Maintenance Scanner Technology
Simple Setup of Load Scanner Platform

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Our comprehensive rail scale solutions are widely used in many railway operations, from agriculture and recycling, to chemical and mining applications. Our rail scales are installed in the railroad track and can be configured to weigh the train while it is in-motion and passing over the rail scale system. Walz Scale offers multiple rail scales for various types of railcars and trains. Our rail scales include the following:

Portable rail car weighing
Railcar axle scales
In-motion rail scale systems
Whether you need portable rail scales for versatility, or are looking to rent a rail scale for short-term use, we deliver individually-tailored solutions to meet your demands.

Axle and full bridge designs
Multiple capacities available
Heavy-capacity load cells
Heavy duty rail scale design
Local support
Field serviceable rail scales
Multiple scale sizes available
Static & in-motion rail scales available

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The goal of this rail scale is high-precision weighing. The dynamic train scale for weighing trains and rail cars is now integral, and it’s no wonder— intelligent solutions are worth their weight in gold, delivering cost and time savings.

MultiTrain® LegalWeight from Schenck Process pays its way as a legal-for-trade application from the outset. It provides high-precision rail car weighing using fast and legal-for-trade calibrated weighing of the goods during transit, irrespective of whether individual rail cars or whole trains are being weighed. Liquids are some of the most valuable goods and when it comes to measuring them, every kilogram counts. They also move about more than any other type of goods, and can actually only be measured accurately when completely still. MultiTrain® LegalWeight has been optimized for weighing liquids while eliminating disturbing factors. This certified system enables you to weigh almost any type of wagon or complete train sets with high precision.

The system is also optimized for monitoring wheel, axle, and wagon load, as well as the position of the center of gravity of the wagon.

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For over 50 years, Walz Scale has been supplying quality portable truck scales to our customers. We have used our extensive knowledge to build what we believe to be the very best portable truck scale in the entire scale industry! Our portable truck scales are available in a wide range of standard and customized configurations to suit your specific application needs. We offer portable truck scales in standard sizes, ranging between 10-14 ft wide and 10-100+ ft long!

Tall, wide flange I-Beams running longitudinally
Heavy duty diamond checkered steel safety plate
Top-access cover plates for easy installation and maintenance
Low profile design
Modular design for future expansion and/or relocation
Anchored load cell stands
Double parallel weedless end links and self compensating swing link suspension
High accuracy load cells
All surfaces are sandblasted (including the bottom) to white metal then sprayed with rust-inhibiting primer and enamel finish coat
Bulkheads included
Lifting lugs
Portability sub-frame
Pre-wired with quick disconnect cabling for simple installation
14″ overall height
NTEP Approved and certifiable “Legal for Trade”
Limited 5-year warranty

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The AXW-110 portable axle scale system was designed to allow off-road and mining operations the ability to better manage their hauling fleets. These portable mining scales are ideal for operations looking to capture critical vehicle weights on smaller off-road equipment. For your peace of mind, we offer a 1-year warranty on all parts and equipment!

Real world typical static weighing accuracy of ~99%
110 ton/220,000 lb. axle capacity (2 scale pads)
Weigh in either pounds or kilograms
Configurable graduations: 10, 20 or 50 lb/kg increments
Easy-to-use operation featuring live weight reading
Durable steel construction featuring a water-resistant, corrosion-proof and shock-resistant design
Included ramps for easy access
Highly durable transport crate included
Power provided by the weighing terminal
Walz 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Not legal for trade
High-definition touch screen with high-speed thermal printer
Standby working 40 hour battery with auto switch-off function
Records stored internally
Runs on Windows CE 6.0 system with good compatibility
2 channel system as default, 4/6/8 channel system are optional
RS232, USB 2.0 as default for wireless edition USB 2.0 & WiFi as default. Bluetooth & USB 3.0 are optional
98.40 ft/30 meters working distance for wireless version
Records each wheel weight, each axle weight and total truck weight
Excel text or database file output
4 Cores ARM CPU, 2GB memory with 4GB hard disk. (Higher level is optional.) * SMS message, iOS application, Android applications are optional.
7″ screen is the default option — 10″ or 13″ screens are optional.

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